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  1. And that means? Sorry my Inglish is bad
  2. 1 year ago I was With my friend in a Car he was Driving but things got out of Control and he lost it, he crash the car, minutes later the police came and my friend said I was the one driving, I had been living with him in his house for 2 month without paying rent, because I was still looking for a job this sounds dumb because I decided to take the chargers, then at court I was found guilty, but now things are even worse a company it's suing me because when that happened my friend crash by a pole, which belongs to the company that is currently suing me, now I can't and don't want to pay for those damages, is there a way I can go back to court and testified it wasn't me I have all the proof necessary to put the blame on him, what can I do will it affect me somehow if I do go to court again to do what I wrote in the previous line I need help!!!
  3. no though the car wasn't mine was my friend and since we havent spoke again.
  4. 2 years ago I had an accident and unfortunately hit a Verizon pole, i went to court and the Judge found m guilty, but nothing else happened except for paying traffic tickets, yesterday 4/19/2017 a lawyer call me telling me i have to pay Verizon 22,000 dollars on damages, i cant pay that even if they cut the payments into 3 parts i make around 15,000 a year, if i fail to pay can i go to jail and how many years approximately? any answers?
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