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  1. Do, you think both, will lose any or all the money they would have gotten, from the settlement?
  2. A friend is set to sign papers and accept payment from a class action lawsuit, her Delima is she conspired with another friend to commit fraud.The first person, we will call w.1 and w.2 and so on. W.1 comvinced, W.2 to say W.1 was present and involved in the legal matters making this law suit, they came to a mutual agreement of when the case was settled W.1 would recieve $1000.00 and the rest would go to W.2. Here is the problem, the check is ready to be cut, the lawyers ask how do we divide this between the two? W.2 says $ 1000.00 to W.1 and the rest to W.2. Now, W.1 says She wants half. W.2 says, No you take what you and I agreed on, or I, will go forward and tell the lawyers, You and I committed fruad, and she will take the punnishment and lose the money all together, just to spite W.1. what type of sentence do you think the two of them will receive? And fine? W.2 knows they both will forfeit the money. Your opinions please.
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