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  1. you don't need to respond. i'll find something for financial exploitation that WILL help me
  2. also I setting up the POA for her. after that is set up, how does that affect this invoice
  3. since there is no due date or stimulation on when payment is due she can pay as she can? 100.00 a month. until paid in full.
  4. so are saying that she has to dispute it
  5. what if the invoice has the wrong address for the work performed and if we have proof that he work he claimed he did wasn't performed? i took a video of what isn't complete. we agree that some work was done but all work was completed
  6. A person completed some work at my mother's property last year. there was no contract written prior to the work being performed nor an agreed upon amount. the work that was suppose to be completed was removal of food left from a previous tenant, repaint, pull up carpet and fix soft spots on subfloor. This person is asking to be compensated for the work, however he just now presented a bill on (4/17/17) because we requested on and the work that he said he completed is not done. For example we do agree that the food was thrown out, the carpet was pulled, and one coat of paint was applied in the living/dining room area only, not the entire house. We've asked him to present receipts outlying materials and labor and he has not. Just a poorly written invoice. I want to dispute the bill however my mother is 82 years old and suffers with aphasia, so she signed the "invoice" not understanding. Is there anything I can do?