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  1. Long story short, my fiancé has been going through an almost 4 year divorce, he has been through 2 lawyers, the 2nd of which is no longer representing him. They went to the final hearing in October, both parties agreed and the divorce was granted by the Judge. However, our lawyer had to make revisions to the decree before it was filed, names were spelled wrong and the child support amount was wrong. Fast forward to Feb/March, our lawyer never filed the decree, and communication has been next to non-existent. We have repeatedly asked for the revised decree, asked when she would file, and could never get a straight answer or no reply at all. My fiancé finally called out his lawyer and told her that it was unethical to hold a decree for ransom because his bill was not paid off. She stated face to face at the final hearing, that she would not hold the decree as long as we continued to make payments, and we did. When he told her it was unethical, she became very ugly, and told him to come get his file, and she would be withdrawing herself from the case. He has picked up his file from her, but she has YET to withdraw herself from the case. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place, because his ex, is just about as uncooperative as she can get, and her lawyer, is just about as worthless as ours was. Neither of the other party has attempted to file this decree, and my fiancé and I would like to plan our wedding, but we can’t. We are still being forced to carry his ex on his insurance because she refuses to get her own; she likes to live off others. And has threatened to take us to court if we drop her. Some of her belongings are still in his house, since she left, almost 4 years ago. We have repeatedly asked her to come get her things, only to be blown up on by his ex, because she feels like she is entitled to leave her stuff there. Someone, please help us. Can we do anything to file the decree, can we drop her off his insurance, and can we get rid of her belongings?