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  1. I am an Ohio resident who recently purchased a vehicle from a dealership in Michigan. I had been in contact with the sales person via email. He gave me information about a truck that seemed to fit my requests. I asked if the vehicle had an 8 speed transmission (the vehicle that I was looking at could of also had a 6 speed, the 8 speed was released that year and offers greater fuel economy etc.) The sales person confirmed via email that it did. I then haggled a bit on purchase price. I stated that the asking price was higher than average. He stated one of the reasons was the 8 speed transmission. I finally agreed upon the price and traveled the 3 hours to get it. The vehicle looked good and I purchased it. Since the newer electronic transmissions don't label the total number of gears on the gear indicator I assumed I had a 8 speed transmission. After more inspection when I got home I noticed it had the 6 speed an not the 8 speed. I immediately contacted the sales person. He of course apologized, claimed ignorance and said he didn't know what he could do. He eventually passed this along to his manager. She stated that the mistake was unintentional. She said the dealership would buy out my loan if I wanted to return the vehicle. I told her I was hesitant as I had already had the vehicle serviced as it was due. I also purchased and had an extra key fob programmed as it only had one when I purchased it. I asked if the dealership would refund me a portion of the cost of the vehicle as it will cost more to operate and is worth less having the 6 speed transmission. She said no, they would only buy out my loan and cover none of my expenses. She also said that it seemed to her that returning it would be a good idea as it has already cost me money and will cost me more because it is less fuel efficient. I have all of this in emails. I only wanted a partial compensation for not getting what I was told I purchased. I based this upon the extra operating costs per national average. Do I have any legal recourse?