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  1. My insurance said police saw it as 50/50 and my insurance agreed and that it would not go against me.
  2. They wanted more than both of our insurance limits so will get limit of both.That was agreement which is good for about a week left of time. I forgot name of form.sorry she was stressing me out. But she said i had to sign or agreement wont go thru
  3. Was in accident deemed 50/50. Now today, months later i am asked by my insurance to sign papers to settle nown,as i am told, time is of the essence,running out and without the knowledge if suer has a spouse or not.My insurance says cant get a hold of or a response from the suers Lawyer to find out if there is a spouse. I am afraid to sign and then later if there is a spouse i get sued by spouse.Thought had more time, I feel uneasy. The claims are outrageous as it is and worse now says will be ongoing possibly for life. What? Accident was almost at a stop. I'm told 50/50. I think a set up. What happens if i dont sign because i am not informed of a spouse.
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