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  1. I am already in the interviewing process for another position with a different company that has better compensation. I just didn't know if what they did was legal.
  2. I thought about that as well. However they stated i would have gotten the job had the other person not applied. So i didn't get the job because the ops manager step sister applied and it was awarded to her. They didn't tell me in those words and the fact they are sisters has not been announced. I (as far as i know) am the only one that knows in the office. I just found it to be a conflict of interest.
  3. Ok. That's what i thought from reading about it. I know its a code of conduct violation for the company i work for. So i would just need to go through those channels then.
  4. My work posted a job opening for project coordinator job that would have some account manager duties. I had been cross trained in the account manager duties already and the project coordinator would be a step below account manager. I applied for the job and had a four-person panel that included or program manager or operations manager the small business manager and and account manager. The second applicant was a a family member of our ops manager. She that did not have the experience requested beyond a bachelor's degree but not in the field requested and the job posting. I do not have a degree but I have the work experience required. I had a meeting with my program manager and she told me the job had gone to the other applicant. Is it illegal or can I sue my work for nepotism when the operation manager is the step-sister to the applicant ? she participated in the hiring process for both of us. However it was only the ops manager and the small business manager that interviewed her stepsister. I have reached out to my program manager with questions but have not gotten a response. What should i do?