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  1. Yes he represented me in 2002. Atty was already suspended then brought up on further charges in 2003 of 15 counts of lawyer misconduct and found guilty of (9). At this point the referee stated that it is most unfortunate to be a pattern with [attorney]. His charges were: lawyer misconduct, fraud, deception, lying to a client, not informing a client, misleading, failure to respond in a timely manner and failure to keep his client in formed. The referee also stated that [attorney] has a hx of taking advantage of the less intelligent. A public reprimand was ordered and was ordered to pay all court costs and fees for this hearing. If he did not show reason why he could not pay in a timely manner, that his license would continue to be suspended. [attorney] never informed myself or the court that his license was suspended. My sentence was 20 in, 10 out for second degree sexual assault that now the victim is now coming forward admitting that she lied about the assault. We are in the process of appealing. In my first appeal, I did inform my appellate atty that [attorney] was suspended when representing me, and was told by my appellate atty that it didn't matter. So, this was never brought up in court at any time, I have been sitting in jail for 14 years on a lie and railroaded into pleading guilty for something that I did not do, which is being proven by my accuser now. I was out on 20,000.00 cash bond, when I was approached by [attorney] to enter a plea at which I told him I would not plead guilty to this because I did not do it. At this point [attorney] threatened me by saying "I already told them we were going to enter a plea today, and if you don't you're going to piss off the DA and the judge is going to order you remanded. I said, "for what, I have done nothing wrong. [attorney] replied, lets just enter a plea now until the DNA comes back. When the DNA results come back, we will retract your guilty plea and go to trial if it is favorable. (The argument continued and as you see, he convinced me.) This went on for another 2 years which at this point we find out the DNA was never sent out as I was trying to retract my guilty plea. .
  2. I was represented in a criminal case by an attorney who was at the time publicly reprimanded by the OLR, found guilty of 9 counts of lawyer misconduct, while under suspension. Can attorneys represent criminal clients in felony cases while their law licenses have been suspended in the state of Wisconsin? Looking for any cases that were overturned on appeal because of being represented by a suspended lawyer for misconduct.
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