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  1. Thank you for your time! I was driving the lead car (car A) in the accident. Car B rear ended my vehicle when I slowed down due to traffic ahead of me. Car C then rear ended car B, and finally Car D rear ended car C. Vehicles B, C & D only made direct contact with the car in front of each of them. It was not clear in my original post, but it was a chain reaction accident.
  2. Thank you for all comments/advise! Unfortunately I don't have collision on this car. The damage was relatively minor (~$3000) and although I went to a 24 clinic to get checked out, there were no injuries involved. I'm leaning towards filing a claim in small-claims court for this issue. That said, how do I determine at-fault drivers? The police only ticketed one driver and only appeared to place blame with one driver in the police report. Three impacts were felt though and were noted in the police report. Does that mean I have to sue all three drivers?
  3. I was involved in an multi-car accident when traffic slowed on interstate and the car behind me hit my car, then two other cars hit the car behind me. Of the four cars involved in the accident, the only driver cited by the police was the person that hit my car first. The other drivers were not cited for anything by the police . The insurance company for the driver that hit my car is only offering to pay 33% of the claim. Claims have been filed with all three insurance companies, but the insurance companies for the other two drivers involved that did not hit me say I need to work with the insurance company for the driver that did hit my car. Since only one of the insurance companies has agreed to pay 33%, how do I go about getting compensated for the damages to my car? Who do I go after if I have to sue?
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