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  1. In this very brief Q&A i would like to thank you for your advise. I have got more from you info wise then 2 i have paid.You seem to help many here with good info. I respectfully disagree on the anger. Again thank you.
  2. Again i do apprecate your advise. May i ask your background in law to back your "rise to meaningful law action"? As far as law states these are felonies if decided by court....Computer trespass,Disclosure of personal information,Unlawful act regarding a computer,Unlawful act involving email...unless im mistaken
  3. Hello, I need help. As most here do. Please I have been in divorce and finalized. Aug. Served. Sept. temp property settlement. Finalized Dec. Before served the plaintiff Took from the house 3 cell phones 1 ipad 1 laptop and tower. 2 of the cell phones were mine personally from before marriage. The others was her and her mothers before marriage. The reason for her taking items was she has took pictures "non nude" as far as i know for use in sexual fantasies of students she teaches. She teaches middle school "5th grade"as far as i know for use in sexual fantasies. There was the pictures and videos of her talking about having sex with students on these computers. She says to have destroyed them. She also got 3 other computers and hard drive after i had the house the first 30 days. She says to havve destroyed hard drive but the computers she said the house got broke into and they must have took. I called and no report of house broken into has occurred. She has admitted to all thison recordings. I have also contacted police the investigated but in this state if no nude no crime. I have also contacted school but as expected they wont talk to me about it due to a restraining order for me not to contact employer and i cannot release any recording of her that i have from recovery after she took computers. Restraining order states i have threatened to release "sex tape" to ruin her.. They know its not sex tape that is issue its her talking about having sex and saying their names "boys and girls" during sex acts. This "mutual" restraining order that they would not agree to lift during negotiations is all based upon lies. To not be too long in messages my questions are: 1. I would like to dissolve the restraining order for the reason of it being based upon lies. Nothing on this order is true or able to be backed up. One of the statements on the restraining order is she is fearful for life. The reason this is used against me is my father murdered his wife and self. I have always been expected to be suicidal because of him and my 2nd wife committed suicide as well. I have never been in trouble. I have never been violent. I have to be very careful due to my father on how i handle things for the cloud it hangs over me in my area. No one has ever used this kind of accusation on me mainly due to there is nothing i have done to be able too. She took this road. There is no time she can prove or say to back this claim. We never had a yelling fight in our marriage. It affects me mentally to have such a lie put on me. She was first to break the order not an hour after signing paperwork at house.. She came out to boast about divorce and throw obscenities at me while i didnt say anything.. But recorded it. 10 days later she came over for a week to talk about getting back together. Every night for 6 days talking on phone every night. Contacting me. I contacted as well i wanted her back. I recorded all convos on phone and in person just incase she was to continue the lies. She admits to lying about it all on tape. 2. I would like to go after her for Computer trespass,Disclosure of personal information,Unlawful act regarding a computer,Unlawful act involving email. when she took computers she deleted my whats app account. emails from her and about her. text messages and changed my paypal, apple, and yahoo account. She tried to get another paypal account email address and facebook. I recovered those with the lose of text and emails she deleted. I have proof and transcripts of all this. And her saying it on recordings. 3. "maybe" Defamation of character. from what i have read and heard this is very hard to prove even with her admitting. But is it possible? I have been hesitant to go after her for these things due to i wanted chance to get back with her. She knows i have this proof or she has been told by me. I think she thinks im lying and she got rid of it all. Up untill recently i was going to let her go with lies untill she got rid of all personal items of mine. EVERYTHING. All the while contacting me telling me she misses me and talks about the possibility of getting back together. I believe it was to put me off or wait me out on the idea i would pursue charges on her. I am against divorce especially for reasons she claims. She also admits to have pretended for the bulk of our marriage and never spoke about anything close to what she has claimed after divorce in marriage. She has beat me up caused me severe emotial issues and has added herself to the the list of extreme life disasters that were non-created. I mentioned Dad, step mom, wife. Hurricane Katrina was another. Lost everything to regain what i had and now she got rid of all that and it was not a small amount. Took car as well. I know there are many that need assistance and guidance. I normally would put myself at last of line for help or guideance. "normally i am a problem solving expert"! This here i am not and in taking what all she did i am struggling to stay on top of all due to no family. I sound like a pitiful case and i guess i am but i dont like it and only way to move forward is to handle this in my mind. But direction and or assitance with option to pay out or some agreement i need in the worst way. Please guide me to not look a fool in doing this byself. She has good attorney. I guess they all are good but they dont know all of truth. I can prove anything i have mentioned. By her admitting on recording "90%" or by papertrail or transcripts. If this is required for intrest in guidance i will consider providing if in some kinda of proof of my privacy protected. Thank you for reading and again any advise will be highly appreciated and considered.