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  1. I am now unemployed with a disability claim, and they are paying medical, they say now that I have been let go from a 20 yr job they are not responsible for any benefits. I am on drs order not to be able to pick up over 10 lbs. not to sit long stand long or bend over and over so I can not get a job. comp says if I do then they will not be responsible for anything
  2. HI, turned in a back injury in oct of 16, continued working being on light duty, Got fired jan 31 and they are saying they are not responsible for any benefits . Any suggestions ?
  3. Hi, I have been raising my two son s since 1999, They are now 18 and 21. I have had to fight all their lives to get court order support she owes. I didn't want to do anything to her because I cared about how my son s would feel about me. Now that are old enough and I don't want to do it but she still will not pay. Do I still have a case or is it too late do anything
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