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  1. One of my customers hired a truck driver to deliver some auto parts to a certain location, the driver supposedly knew where he needed to deliver them , but for some reason he went to an incorrect location far away, he caused financial losses to my customer and had to incur in additional delivery expenses to be delivered to the correct location (aproximately $12K), who should be paying those 12K? and is there any insurance policy that covers this specific situation. Thanks
  2. I work at a school and i am hiring contractors to put a wall, should i ask them to put me as additional insured on the Liability insurance?
  3. Thanks RetiredinVA, what damages are you referring, can you provide an example?
  4. Why does the landlord of a commercial building, requires to be an additional insured on the Commercial General Liability?
  5. so the main question is: Is it fine if a Landlord requires the tenant a Commercial General Liability policy up to the value of the building? Lets say the Landlord has already property insurance, but he requires tenants to get commercial general liability up to the building ammount and wants to protect himself just in case the tenant damages the property as a result of their operations. Lets say the building is worth 4M, and the landlord requires the tenant to get 4M in Commercial Liability I hear there is a clause ISO HO-4 that allows that, but i am not sure.
  6. What is the difference if a business owner finds himself in the following scenarios: Both accidents are at The owners fault He gets in to an accident with his personal use vehicle with a insurance policy under his name, can his business gets sued (lets say his business is an LLC) can the lawyers take part of his business? He gets in to an accident with his personal use vehicle with a commercial insurance policy, can he get sued and can the court take a part of his business (if necessary to pay damages?) basically my main question is: is there a difference between using commercial or personal insurance in a personal-only-use car? is it better to have all vehicles on a commercial policy? or have them as separate?
  7. Hi Does Workers Comp covers the employee from his home to the business, and in lunch hour? Example 1 The employee gets in at work at 8 am, is he cover from home to work either in car or walking? Example 2 Is he covered in Lunch Hour? Let's say he drives to a Macdonald and then comes back to work, was he covered under WC?
  8. Thanks RetiredinVA Ok so what i am trying to find is in what scenarios can they sue trough court (meaning above the Policy limits)?
  9. Thanks for your reply, you answered all my questions, Regarding your last question, if the wife sues lets say because loss of consortium, can she sue above the limit of the policy?, lets say the business has 1M on employers liability, and the wife sues for 2M (just an example) what happens if he diesm can she still sue in court or trough the policy?
  10. What happens if an employee 1.-Gets hurt in business hours, so he is eligible to get coverage under the workers compensation policy from the business, 2.-But the employee doesn't want to use it? 3.-Is the employer still liable for not able to apply the coverage? 4.-And does the employee planing to sue later, could it be a possibility? 5.-Can the employees Wife sue the business?
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