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  1. It is in our custody papers that I must send address change by certified mail. Same for him as well.
  2. My daughter's father and I established 50/50 custody last year, everything was going fine for a while, now he has a girlfriend (which is fine) but I only speak and meet her. Her father doesn't keep in contact with me at all. When I ask to meet him there is usually an excuse. In our custody papers, it says I must meet him or his "designee" there is no specific designee though. Anyways, my daughter's father has been working out of state. He varies from different companies. We live in Missouri, I found out yesterday that he has been in California for a couple weeks now, I feel that I should not have to send my daughter with his girlfriend if her father isn't even there. Am I wrong for this? Is there something that could be done about this?
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