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  1. Thank you. You have been a great help. A record of lis pendens was suggested by the Brokers counsel. After a little research it looks like filing a lis pendens is not something that should be attempted by non legal professionals. It is something that should not be attempted by mere mortals.
  2. Thanks for the input and the education. Quit claims go through so fast, I thought they must be called quick. I am thinking of demanding fulfillment of the contract and leaving my earnest money is the escrow account. When every they try to sell the property in the future, my contract will muddle their sale. I think that would put me in a stronger position for me to ask for compensation to release my right to purchase the property. I am I just being mean spirited, devious or stupid?
  3. I am the buyer of a home with a signed purchase agreement from the seller. All requirements for closing have been met. The adult children of the elder seller had the seller, file a quick claim deed on the property to one of the adult children in a effort to cancel the sale. Isn't the lawyer that assisted them in this action breaking the law by knowingly filing a quick claim deed in and effort to avoid the completion of an actionable and binding sales contract?