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  1. involved in a auto collision during a time when the streets were covered in ice. I was uninsured and I am now being asked to pay a large amont of money in a time frame that is just not going to work on my single parent income. I also would like to see the paperwork for the damage/ repairs. I do believe that I am being asked to pay an obscene amount of money for the damage such was basically a quarter panel. To say the least my vehicle has more damage than the other does. Upon thinking about how the collision occured and the damage that was caused from the collision, I think they ran into me. I wish to meet and talk with someone a.s.a.p .I have attached pictures of the other vehicle damage as well as the financial claim which is too much to do in the schedule that has been requested. I have not agreed to the plan because of my financial hardship, but I have paid $500.00 so far. Please Help.By authorizing, you agree to allow Wilber & Associates to process the payments detailed below:
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