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  1. I have received a DWI, 2nd within 10 years, in one state in 2005 with another state license. The state I was licensed is not the one prosecuting me but the state I was driving through did. I had a failure to appear up until May of last year and finally took care of it. I had no money, car broke down when I left the state before this all was taken care of leaving me unable to fight this without good representation, I knew I would need at the time, I understand that was stupid thinking as it was driving while under the influence of alcohol. Saved enough money to get a really good lawyer, 5,000. Well I finally had to physically go back to court, that cost 600.00 round trip, plus the expected 620.00 fine and additional 700.00 in taxi's due to being about 60 miles (one way) from the airport and when I arrived I was about the same distance ( one way ) from the court house. Well after all said and done this 5,000 lawyer had gotten me a 1st offense for this 2nd DWI (within 10 years) with the stipulation of getting an assessment to see if I have a problem, then go from there with what they think I should do...Now this where I ran into a problem, after 10 years of saving the best I could do, not being able to work due to no public transportation here in this area and I am also in the country but there are no buses in this town. So after saving 7,000 and giving it to this problem this want me to get this assessment and in my state they don't recognize the requirements for classes if it went to that. Now I have not touched a drink since Dec 2005, not one drop. But now I am broke and haven't had the opportunity to get any, I can borrow some but not much. Also they want me to go to a program here but also expects me to pay as if I went to their program in the other state just to accept or not accept the program, I would have to take here. That is like another 700.00 dollars, I don't have. I called the other state to see what program here would be accepted all have said I have to go through it then they will decide. Now this is 11 years later still not a drop have 1-1/2 months to get this done, what advice does anyone have about all this? I was foolishly thinking this was going to end after court, not continue like this. I even told my lawyer there is no way my readings could have been 4 times the legal limit from a blood test I did not authorize, but the papers I had to sign while being release I could not read a thing because they have not release my glasses to me until afterwards. I was told some where I did not sign papers in the hosp., ( that was the consent I did not give, but think that might have been one of the papers I signed at release.) and that was recorded on paper, but I don;'t have that paper. I would of been dead if my blood alcohol would of been 4 times over, but the Lawyer said they could have proved it, he was friends with the prosecutor, you can tell how they talked lengthy before and after court. I think for 5,000 I was suckered. Comments??