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  1. So the magistrate judge is handeling custody, and she has stated that she would like to have me start some visitation with my son. However, there is a nco still on my son in district court and the district court judge will not lift it. so, no matter what the magistrate judge decides, even if she awarded split custody, it wouldnt matter because the district court judge refuses to lift the nco he has for any reason.
  2. So, back in June i plead guilty to a domestic battery. The incident happened with my now x wife. we had differences, and to be upfront i wasn't the greatest husband. during this she filed for divorce and custody of my 6 year old son. I went to jail for 8 months for the domestic battery and the magistrate judge found that it was in the best interest of my son, that i would have some access to him, being in the form of letters, then supervised visitation. However, i haven't seen my son for 2 years now because the district court judge that sentenced me doesn't believe i should have any access to my son at all. Ive heard that he is overstepping his bounds and feel as well that the magistrate judge, since she is the one handling custody, and knows the case best, as well as this being her area, should be the one that decides what the custody schedule should be. The district court judge disagrees and feels like he should have ultimate authority in the case of custody and visitation. Does anyone know of any case law that might help, or may give the magistrate judge more authority? Thank You.
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