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  1. adjusterjack, lIke ur physics approach. Thanks. I do understand the consequences of going to small claims court.
  2. I have cut the video, yes his car was stopped at STOP sign. That car driver admits his fault, only the claim agent said that "traffic is clear and I had ample of time to stop my car fully, not just a second before impact" That's why the insurance company still put 20% to me.
  3. So, If I go for small claims court for 100%, will I have chance to win? thanks
  4. video-0-02-01-9e874987a3db509ccfd1ad03f7703146a70f5f96cffe7c83e7d803817ca5f10d-V.mp4
  5. Here is my opinion, "In the video, you will see he is coming to my lane and hit me(seems like he cannot go through to other side, because of oncoming cars) I tried to brake and not passing yet the intersection. He is just bluntly hitting my car."
  6. Hi All PLS view the video and give me your opinions. We both have same insurances company, my car is white, driving on the main road. This is claim dept.'s reason: "as I explained the 20% comparative negligence is being placed for improper lookout. The traffic was light and the other vehicle crossed over 2 ½ lanes of traffic. There were no obstructions, so he should have been able to see the other vehicle pull out from the bank and take evasive action sooner to avoid the accident." "you should have had plenty of time to see this driver come from the side street and slam on your brakes. It looks like you applied your break about a second prior to the impact. We still may have 20% negligence on you as there wasn't a lot of traffic on the road, you should have been able to see this car enter the roadway and stop your vehicle before the impact " My agent's reply to claim dept: "I have reviewed video of the accident, in my opinion, the other party was 100% at fault. It was impossible for him to avoid the accident if other party drove car that way who hit directly, no matter who was driver of his car." Video_1.MOV
  7. Hi adjusterjack, appteciate ur suggesion. The current situation is the other driver admits the fault. But the insurance company doesn't want to pay full. My claim agent is not moving in this case too. I am waiting for the clip to be released from that company, that company has already shown me the clip. After I get the clip, I will surrely talk to them and let the claim agents review the case. During meantime, asking suggestion how to proceed the claim since my car is stranded in tow car lot.
  8. I am thinking of towing my car back to garage and keep it till the court resolve the case. Toatlly upset about their decision bcoz the other party already admit and i was making effort to stop, and it was not my fault too. They are going to give bad image about my driving history. Normally how judges decide if i am in 3rd lane and the other car is making a left turn in front of me from side street although i tried to slow down?
  9. Do u think that i should fix car out of my pocket first and go for court to claim? looks like my car is in real bad shape and it can b assumed as total loss.
  10. Thanks for suggestions, I don't know how to get my estimate for my car, my car has been towed to nearby collision shop. So, should I proceed to get estimate from that collision shop or should I ask my auto insurance agent to get estimated? Do I a need a lawyer to sue in Small Claims Court?
  11. Hi, While my car has been going north straight on the main street, other car ftom the side street failed to yield turning left and proceed to intersection, and causing a collision with my car. Although I tried to brake and honks, my car has been hit and my car's front has been damaged badly. No personal injury. I have the police report too, the other car was issued a citation. Even the other party admits that it is his fault, but the claimant adjustor doesn't want to pay full. They decided that I didint make effort to stop car coz i am in 3rd lane and I should see other car coming . Final decision is they can pay 80 coz of my comparative negligence. I dont know whether lucky or unlucky that we both have same insurance company. My claim agent even teamed up with claimant adjustor and told me that it is part of my fault too. After they made decision, I am able to retrieve the nearby surveillance video clip from accident site, it is showing that my car was trying to slow down while the other car was coming, then my car almost stops and other car cannot stip and hits me. I have only liability coverage only. So, my question is that I should show them the clip and negotiate? OR go to claims court directly? I dont want the insurance fees go up coz it is not my fault. My car is stranded in tow car lot too. Pls give some suggestion.Thanks, I am from illinois.
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