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  1. @pg1067 Thanks for the advice but I did not ask you to check my punctuation or capitalization I could careless about that right now, I go to college for that, I asked for legal support. Now to answer your question I have full coverage collision and liability as that is required in the state of Florida for any lease car, only thing I did not have was rental coverage. As far as 1k bill that is for having a rental car, rental car companies charge a underage fee for anyone under the age of 25 that and my car was out for repairs for 2 whole weeks. As read in my "lease" agreement i am required to report any auto accident damage for the vehicle as the dealer I have received my lease from requires you to repair where they want you to repair the vehicle for their standards. Owner and insurer carrier are responsible for the use of the vehicle if no one else is listed on the policy which in this case she did not have her husband listed on the policy which in the florid i believe you are required to announce your spouse on the policy, correct me if i'm wrong.
  2. On February 6 2017 i was hit by a truck tearing off the front left side of car, as I'm trying to get out the main highway i see the other driver pull off and leave the scene i proceded to chase down the car(not a good choice but i wasnt letting that go) i caught up to the truck and confronted the driver as it was a older man. The guy proceeds to tell me he has no license and hes not on insurance and that he will pay me off i told the guy he was crazy im in a lease car i have to call the police and let my insurance know i got my phone to snap the photo when i snapped a picture of his tag as he got in the truck and left the scene i then called the police gave them the tags etc etc and i later discorver the insurer of the truck being his wife apparaently hes not on the insurance they then proceed to tell me that the owner of the vehicle said that she was in orlando the whole week and nonone had access to her truck and theirs no (fresh damages mind you its a 2004 ford f150) and her isnurance denied my insurance claim as i have to get almost 3k worth of damages fixed on my car as well as 1k for out of pocket expenses. my argument to the orlando story was if no one had keys to the truck how did i get a picture of that tag that day with the location of where the picture was taken. can someone help? my insurance said we have to sue them now. what does the case look like im only 20 and scared to death i just want my money back and for at fault to admit what they did
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