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  1. automobile section...my mistake.... It was deposited as cashier's check using shared branching between credit unions. Finally I got a call today that they verified and it was not verified until today because they did not even try ...they were just sitting on it
  2. Even the longer hold time (exception) should not be more than 7 business days as I read about expedited fund availability act.
  3. My relative who is 64 years old got two cashier's checks deposited directly in her account on Feb. 24 2017 total amount of 20k. Today it is March 13 2017 which is 3rd week and credit union has restricted account access so funds and were not available for withdrawal. When asked this CU said we need to verify/validate the check deposited because they think it is a scam or bogus check and we want to protect or our member. But they could not specify when funds would be available. Is this common to hold the funds for such long time? when we check at ATM it shows funds fully available but when try to withdraw it says not possible. She gave me power of attorney because she is kinda sick so when I talked with CU about this on phone.....that girl said well you might be a part of scam....Are their any rules to protect consumers against such practice? what is allowed time limit for bank/credit union to hold funds like this?if there are any rules or law please refer me to such in state of WA
  4. Thanks on release I mentioned - loss of consortium claim is not included in this release. Well due to this accident there is harm to our marriage. And for the most of part of this lawsuit we were married just last final year we are separated.
  5. Sections for misleading me and playing mind games. He gave me fake promise that he will give reasonable offer for loss of consortium claim separately which was one of the main reason why I did not hire another lawyer for my claim.
  6. no when I signed settlement agreement I specifically mentioned I am settling loss of consortium claim as I don't have authority to settle that claim.
  7. I can't find a paid lawyer for our claims. In personal injury case my attorneys have already withdrew. So I was discussing bodily injury settlement directly with defense attorney via email. (everything in writing) Defense attorney expressly implied and misrepresented to make me believe that he and his insurance company will make reasonable separate offer for loss of consortium claim for legally separated spouse but after I settled my claim very next day they said oh there is no additional offer to settle loss of consortium claim. One of the main reason why I did not hire another attorney because he implied that they will make a reasonable offer but now I realize it was his mind game and to stall so time to file motion for continuance will pass away while engaged in settlement negotiation. We feel cheated, misrepresented and case is not closed yet so I want to write a motion for sanctions as well summary judgement for loss of consortium claim.
  8. Well I guess I can find here...but mostly lawyers are not interested because loss of consortium itself does not have much value so economics play a role... I guess I have to look for a friend or pro bono who is kinda new and want to learn the tricks of trade
  9. 1. Legally separated couple in pierce county WA2. Husband was rear ended and settled his claim separately with third party insurance company.3. Since they are legally separated now wife's loss of consortium claim is still alive.4. Insurance company is offering only $1000 to settle that claim and wife is not ready to accept that amount.5. But when they tried to find an attorney to fight for loss of consortium claim its very tough.6. Where should they look for such attorney?7. At the time of filing lawsuit they were married and that attorney withdrew so currently they don't have an attorney.
  10. Don't assume about merits of the case. Before suing and get a judgment can he assign to collection agency? Please note that debt in question is dispute ...he does not have legit debt.
  11. 1. Car accident personal injury claim. 2. Attorney withdrew from personal injury claim because he did not believe in our claim whole heatedly and did not want to try the case. i.e. he withdrew without good cause. 3. We settled directly with insurance company and settlement is quite more than he recommended and I could reduce subrogation costs to less than half. 4. Now he is asking for costs and fees and we don't agree to pay him any fees at all. Costs were about 3k and about 1k of this cost was due to his mistakes. We don't mind paying him 2k in costs. 5. If I don't agree to this what can attorney possibly do to recover his full costs and possibly some fees? What are the consequences for us if we don't have agreement and we don't pay him at all? 6. I believe he has to file a lawsuit and get a judgment against me? or he can directly sell it to collection agencies ? What else he or his law firm can do?
  12. Car accident personal injury settlement received directly from third party insurance company because an attorney withdrew from case.This was an ERISA plan from my spouse who was an employee for that company...I was just an dependent on her insurance. Now my spouse even not working for that health insurance company for last 4 months.Before attorney he withdrew he voluntarily said to health insurance administrator company that my client owes to 2k which in fact is not true becausesettlement received was just a nuisance value ...at fault driver's insurance company did not pay medical costs connected to accident. So in my opinion I don't owe them anything.Now they are asking for 2k ...what if I can't pay them?We don't have that health insurance coverage any more so we don't care...Can they sell the debt to collection agency or they have to sue us and get judgement first ?What else they can do to get 2k they think we owe them?
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