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  1. Yes. I understand. I'll look into this option to see if it fits our needs. I didn't realize a power of attorney was an option and thought permanent guardian was all we could do. I appreciate your input and information.
  2. pg1067, Thank you! That is what I was looking for. She (my mother) would need to be able to provide those things for my daughter (medical care, enrolling her in school, etc.) as I am not. Now that I know that is a better option, I will look into it. THANKS AGAIN!
  3. Thank you for guidance. Nothing wrong with her. Did not feel I needed to share all of my personal financial, medical and other losses we have suffered leaving me unable to care for all of my children properly on a public site. But thanks for your concern and quick judgement. The world does not have enough of that.
  4. Hello. I have adopted 2 girls and they have been with me for almost two years now. I would like to give my mother permanent guardianship of one of the girls. Does anyone know if we can just fill out downloaded forms from the internet and have them notarized or do we need to go through the courts/lawyer? (Texas)