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  1. First to this very old post of a time when I was very frustrated, angry and the like. Thank you for responding because it allowed me to re-read the responses of others who are in my same situation reminding me I am not alone in this fight and for that I am grateful. Now on to you mean spirited comments about my child who you believe I turned my back on. Since, I elected to focus my energy on 2 beautiful boys who don't have the ability of free will or self sufficiency. He is an adult who be it illness or not has the ability to choose. He choose not to treat his illness when he was given the tools an opportunity to do so. You see ma"am he didn't have to loose his kids because the support that I provide I was providing before the event. Additionally, if my other biological had cancer I would do all I could to support them unless they made a conscious decision to not care for themselves. As you indicated was necessary tool for your own opiate addicted child to become well. As for prayer, I continously pray that him and his wife who are together by the way woukd want to be apart of their children's lives as i was with mine. However, I also could assume you dont have grandchildren or have never been faced with this delimma. Or even know the medical history of these children under five who had no one. Not even their maternal grandparents due to race (that is another conversation). DCF in my opinion failed them however today they are adopted. #ilovethisgrannythang PS. Sent from my phone grammar issues unintended
  2. Thank you, for this feed. Glad to know that I am not alone. I now have permanent guardianship of my 2 grandsons, ages 2 & 3. I had been at it for 12 months in the "kindship caregiver" phase and was really tired of being in limbo. I was grateful for both the Ad Litum and the CBC/DCF worker during this process because they heard all of my concerns. I am however, wondering where do I find out information about what's next? I never had representation during this process and I am unsure how this all works in real time. How long do I stay in this place of guardianship before adoption? If ever? which term is best for the children? I know with permanent guardianship the parents have the right to petition the courts for their children, if and when that happens... what is the process then? The Grandmother above spoke about the stipends and such all of which I must say I need because it is just me and financially i can not manage all of the things ( especially since one of the boys has Autism). How does this change that process? Will my income be considered now? Again where do I go to find answers?
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