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  1. the reason i skip court because of the Public defender didn't give 2 damns about me. All he said was your going to jail and or prison where your going to get raped in jail. he said that via email & phone call. if you look at it again contempt was drop, but i still how to figure to see kid
  2. A) For starters, baby mom knew i smoked pot before i had sex with her. Also judge in this case said its my own personal business that I smoke weed and just deal with it on the criminal side of the law . the problem is baby mom wont let me see kid because i smoke
  3. hello i need help getting back my vitiation with minor kid. I live in Norman (Cleveland Co. that where the case is) on 9-28-2015 VISITATION SUSPENDED PENDING FURTHER ORDER OF THE COURT due to me not showing up for court. Fail to appear on contempt of court order filed by the mother. The Contempt Citation & Motion to suspended visits. then on 06-16-2016 PARTIES APPEAR WITH COUNSEL ON MOTHER'S APPLICATION FOR CONTEMPT CITATION. COURT ORDERS AS FOLLOWS: COURT FINDS THAT SINCE DEF WAS PICKED UP ON BENCH WARRANT, HE HAS NOT CONTACTED PLT. COURT CONTINUES THIS MATTER TO 10/27/16 @ 1:30 PM IN ANTICIPATION OF DISMISSAL. ON 10-27-2016 PETITIONER APPEARS THROUGH COUNSEL AND DISMISSES CONTEMPT CITATION. ALL ORDERS CONTAINED IN THE COURT MINUTE DATED JUNE 16, 2016 TO REMAIN IN FULL FORCE & EFFECT. COURT MINUTE said that I makes any further filing with the court, the filing will be prescreened by court to assess merit on the face of the pleading. If Court find that I motion has no merit said motion will be dismissed with out hearing and i have to pay court cost. I want to get back my visitation with minor kid i haven't seen in 3 years need help with Motion for it. any Motion forms i can use to get my kid back via visitation without paying court cost. thanks.. fyi i am a pot smoker and a Rastafarian.. thanks fir any help