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  1. Hi there, My grandpa passed and had a will made up. Unfortunately, the executor, who is my mother has fraudulently sent in a fake will. The will she sent in would have actually been used for my grandma, but my grandma passed before my grandpa; and my grandpa did not expect that. I have submitted photos of the will I received from her and the will I received from the county clerk. Photograph with the notary on the copy is from the county clerk. The one with no notary is the one I received from my mother. Another issue is the witnesses signatures are all in the same hand writing. I have many other facts to prove my case, but I just don’t know where to start. Someone please help!
  2. Hi there, I suggest going to the website IRS.gov....you will find your exact answer there in my opinion. You can also go to the website and it explains how you can edit your EIN and set it up for being with your Y company. I hope this helps in some way. Have a great day!