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  1. Yes you are correct.. The father is in another state. He is not involved with the child with the exception of a phone call here and there. He's not on the child's birth certificate nor does he have a child support order against him. He actually wants me to keep the child. I do know the goal of CPS, however if the mother is not doing these things to move forward to get the child back and I am supporting this child in everyway I don't see why they would not consider putting the child in a safe and loving environment. Adoption is not what I was looking to do, custody would be my first step. I now have temporary custody.
  2. The mother has two children, 3 and 4 years old. The three year old was removed by CPS, I at the time had the 4 year old with me. The mother was incarcerated for child abuse and had a protective order against her for both children. Once she was released from jail the order still stood. The order was dropped a few weeks ago and she stated that when she went to court that she was told she can't get her kids back until the goes to and completes successfully, anger management and parenting classes; as well as get and keep a job, get a place to stay and show that she can take care of her kids. She also has to go to court to get her kids back. Child protection gave her the forms to sign to give the 4 year old to me or they would have taken the 4 year old as well.
  3. Same father different mothers. I am not with the father and never married the father. The girls are 19 years apart in age. The mother did sign her over to me to keep her from going to foster care. There is an expiration date on the form at the end of this year.
  4. I have been taking care of a 4 year old for the past two years. She is my daughters little sister. Her mom lost total custody a few months ago due to child abuse of another child. She signed over the 4 year old to me with a (Mandate Form). She had a protective order against her (for both kids) that was recently dropped. She has to go to parenting and anger management classes before going to court for custody. I want to fight the custody, but not sure what steps to take. Should I file for Sole custody through the courts?
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