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  1. We were married for 18 years. Among those I was financially abused and trapped. I have to take over all the debts that he created so he will sign the divorce paper. I know, it's time to move on. Law is here for a reason, and I hope someone will enforce it.
  2. Well, yes, pg1067, it is none of my business. Let's see, I was lied to once when I moved in with my ex and I didn't know he was still married to someone else. And yet, he is using the same technique on another woman again whom lives in a foreign country. Nobody likes any ex'es new girlfriends or new spouses, but I would hate to see another totally blinded woman following my painful footstep and experience, and I happened to be a woman!!! And, all I'm asking was whether the action to remarry during the 6-month waiting period is legal or not, that's all. One doesn't have to be rude about it. Besides, we are still financially tied not completely divided things up as yet. And I shouldn't be worried about my legal right? Thanks for answering.
  3. My ex-husband and I got our divorce decree signed by a judge and it was filed at the court house on 01/05/2017. He is planning to re-marry in Las Vegas next month (March 2017). It was noted on the Divorce Decree that there is a 6-month waiting period for remarriage and neither party is allowed to get married to anyone anywhere in the world during the 6-month waiting period. Can he change his permanent residency from Nebraska to Las Vegas so he can avoid the 6-month waiting period as listed on the Divorce Decree? Or simply just go to another state and get married and come back to live in Nebraska? Please help!
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