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  1. ha sorry I just realized what you mean eventually and get you message crossed eventually...I still have to catch up with my English skills.... But thanks anyways ^^
  2. I didn't know it's old thread until u remind me , thank you .... I guess I just do not too much knowledge of American law, so I can only make a random guess, if that answer would be "similar to that of my country"? I know its really a bad move or wrong move. Perhaps I just hope sometimes it by luck to be the same... But I cannot deny most of what you said is correct, since since two countries' article are different. Thanks for notifying, I just realized it's old thread......I just realized i resurrect old thread.. I guess I just try to answer, but in fact I don't have any knowledge of American Law, I am just learn from you guys about American Law...The only way , I can communicate with poster is only through my country's law perspective ,....or else I have nothing to speak ..haha........ ...On some occasion it does show a minimum degree of similarity , but on most of occasion, it doesn't.... NY succession law is very similar to that of my country. , perhaps, its where my country imported from.. my prof , graduate from Utah law, once ever told us, corporation law in my country from US model corporation law. I just do not know if that true, i haven't look into it yet.. But I am still glad to come here and you guys know law well. and I can learn some American law from you guys about American ... ...later on I may accumulate some knowledge to be able to do a report about topic on American law or compare and contrast in laws. but it's still very glad to learn from you guys ^^
  3. HI tracy^^ I just don't know the answer, I just make a random guess. I guess. In my country, not US, We have building built by architect design, and building without .. Building without architect design, does not yield ownership, cannot register for ownership of that particular property. Therefore if third party occupant intentionally occupied the unlicensed house, without ownership, the original builder of the unlicensed house cannot drive away third party occupant through court dispute and court order. The original builder, is vulnerable to other's deliberate occupancy. have a hard time to drive away intruders' occupancy through court since the house is not legally built Thus protection is very limited.. I know its a bit off topics u ask....but since I do not really know US. Law. In my country, we used to have old marital articles, which specifically address about due process of marriage,.... In my country, as long as the marrying process is "public held" , then the marriage, without marital office registration, would still be legalized. But it didn't really show marital status on the back of our ID card with spouse name on it. This create great confusion, because a few married ,typically man, would date with newly date and go to register marriage with newly date, which may caused bigamy It caused the question, which marriage should be protected? The newly dated could be innocent because he /she just has no clues of marital status of one whom he/she has been dating with. so later the marital law revised and changed idea of "public held " to registration process, ." Affirming the only way to have valid marriage is through registration, " to solve the issues.. I
  4. http://www.divorcenet.com/resources/divorce/marital-property-division/new-york-divorce-dividing-prop I think this one may have a little answer to question u raise.
  5. I make a guess I am not really if she is in state of unconsciousness.. does unconsciousness equal to PVS? I don't know ,perhaps slightly different. But I just report what I read through. Recently I look into judgment in California , about persistent vegetative state patient. Regarding about Persistent Vegetative State patient, removing nutrient and hydration , one need to be able to show the clear and convincing evidence, that is patient "will".........I would imply that mean more witness or paper scripts.. evidently shown. Court also sometimes, need to further proved whether it would be patient's best interest.. which is sometimes hard to prove.... But in other judgment ,different cases with different story , if patient, was not in persistent vegetative state, , and still has ability of sensing surrounding ,perceiving surrounding, not considered as brain being dead, those nutrient and hydration fluid shall not be terminated. Court may viewed and concluded cases differently. sorry I donnot know if that apply to Missouri, ...probably not but may consider it as reference. index
  6. I dont know if its information you may need... http://www.divorceknowledgebase.com/guides/property-division/
  7. I guess I am not sure, if that applicable to US. in my country, the qualification for divorce decree would list a dozen of things, such as adultery, imprisonment over two year, incurable diseases, disrespectfully intimidating and mistreating, threatening father and mother in law, constant physically assault or mentally assault of other marital partners, I would assume if that's possibly if he file the divorce in secret , where you r way on a journey, .Therefore, one would easily fail to respond mailing from judgment court for attendance. .....so it my result in default judgment, as plaintiff unilaterally claims or statement. so If one fulfill the divorce requirement qualification of marriage in my country as listed above, one would certainly has the right to through court , get a divorce judgment. With that divorce judgment , one is empowered to be marital status to be removed s both on Personal ID card, and household registration office and to be single..
  8. United State citizenship grant to people who are american .. If one of parents is American, daughter and son will automatically naturalized American. if birthplace in US, one will be American too.. Thus, you shall find where it birth, which clinical , and to have them show birth certificated prove. I do not know if one still can registers this late or maybe as everyone said, u shall seek attorney.
  9. sorry I just make a guess I guess it happen to my country , i do not know if that's applicable to US. In my country, i guess we also has force to sell policy .. such as, any co-ownership of joint property has the right to dissolve the relationship of joint property through compulsory sale or auction or foreclosure in the court,,.. if anyone with fraction portion of property can not afford to buy off the other co-ownership of joint property.........If it's land, the land probably can be divided evenly into several parts according to its size. ...., if its a building , to solve problem of co-ownership, court probably probably decide to public auction or foreclosure.to solve issue of co-ownership But I don't know if do not know if US also has similar type of rules. .as my country .......... articles, that specifically addressed, that if portion of joint property owned by co-owner exceed more than 2/3 of joint property, one has managing power to administrate how the house be used or whether it shall be sold .. .. Perhaps to look into state civil code ,chapter property, i guess.. I truly hope ur things will be resolved peacefully.^^
  10. I just make a guess.... would it be possible that it is "count two " , not " two counts" of Child molestation ?? count two , literally mean " crime number two" if one commit several offence , it would label it into "crime number 1" "crime number 2" as label.... lets hypothetically assume one commit count one theft along with a count two misdemeanor "crime number 1" = count one, theft ( assuming 2 years a of imprisonment) "crime number 2" = count two, misdemeanor ( assuming 1 years of imprisonment) so one commit on. so if it's in fact not counting it twice, ...? I make a second guess, would it be possible of number of time ,that offence committed ?
  11. I just make a guess, that's my interpretation, perhaps, not necessarily right., i make a quick guess. 2. I don't think you would be trouble got married after 6 months of arrival to U.S, since marriage is about union of two people together, and its a process of free will most of time. Normally there is not interference from power of states. As long as one can prove validity and authenticity of marriage, that shall be fine.. 3. To have name changed, one normally change the name in domestic country, where they resides., As long as you have legitimate reasons to come to U.S. ,such as student visa, for learning purpose,. one shall have right to stay legitimately and legally for temporary of time, .. For the name change, one shall cautiously provide name change certificate or perhaps some legal document to further prove in case of interrogation. I guess it's understandable to people nowadays change name for various reasons. .. Therefore, I guess it shall be fine. I think officer in custom perhaps just want to scan out people changing name with other type of intent, or other type form of non-legitimate reason or doing.. .
  12. sorry, I dont know how it work in US. But I guessed, that's how it work in my country Under certain type of conditions, can one breach the contract, the flaw of the contracts..,or without breaching the contract, one can at least get the discounted priced through court ... only when third party die an un-natural death, ,through such as murder , explosion , gas poisoning death,,etc, buyers can usually get price discounted.......since one believe in flaws of house......such as house is haunting there are other types, which would result in termination of the purchasing contract of house.. such as 1, house is structurally challenged such as over certain amount of Cl- ions in steels.....which would cause building to collapse easily and radioactively contaminated steel , which would also help termination of contract.. I think to purchase something without house disclosure, in my country , if it's in court dispute, its possible that a seller could say that buyer purchase this real estate unconditionally.. or on discount price as refute......when both party r in adversary
  13. I come from different legal system, civil law is a bit different ,from civil+common law i guess.....I guess the article is different too ..but some of principle has the chance of being the same i guess. so.....Normally I would not come to this platform, because i found it's very American law.....ha I don't know where to find articles cover those issues... In .. I found different legal system has some similarity in principle but also drastic difference...its built on precedents..., Recently I decide to do a topic about euthanasia and I read through Jack Kevorkian judgment and , England Tony Nicklinson .judgment...or ..European Human right court judgment....about euthanasia ..........I used find law to find some judgment about euthanasia .........., then I just come here....ha..... just come by and say hi ^^
  14. just come by and say hi , ha, ..I guess I just don't know how to use this message board, ..I don't know why resurrecting a six month thread after you..ha
  15. (I guess) No , one has to wait!!!!!! One doesn't become resident of other states right away, and probably need to have been resident for a year ......become resident of other states,....I assume.....
  16. Quote from PG1067 Sub-section 5 5. If when a child reaches age eighteen, the child is enrolled in and attending a secondary school program of instruction, the parental support obligation shall continue, if the child continues to attend and progresses toward completion of said program, until the child completes such program or reaches age twenty-one, whichever first occurs. If the child is enrolled in an institution of vocational or higher education not later than October first following graduation from a secondary school or completion of a graduation equivalence degree program and so long as the child enrolls for and completes at least twelve hours of credit each semester, not including the summer semester, at an institution of vocational or higher education and achieves grades sufficient to reenroll at such institution, the parental support obligation shall continue until the child completes his or her education, or until the child reaches the age of twenty-one, whichever first occurs.
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