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  1. Hello. Ten years ago our mother passed away and us four children inherited her house. We each own one-quarter interest in the property, and at her passing we all verbally agree that myself and my younger brother could live in the house for free as long as we paid the property taxes and upkeep which we have done. I've been in a wheelchair for thirty-five years and my brother is on social security disability as am I. My current income is less than $1200 a month and my brother is a little more. Now my sister decided she wants to sell her interest for $100,000. and she knows we don't have any money. My sister and her husband make over one-hundred thousand annualy, and recently sold their home for nearly nine hundred thousand and want to buy a bigger house--reason to sell my house. I know the law is on her side but I don't want to sell. I've lived in this house since I was four years old, is their anything I can do to save my home?
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