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  1. Sorry, found out some more info which could matter. At the 2nd arraignment, the State added a "Notice of Intent to Seek Extended Term or Natural Life Sentence". There is no death penalty in IL. Could this be the reason why my friend would have been reindicted? Does the State have to give the defendant notice that it wants this type sentence before it can try him on it? And, if so, does my friend get to object to that sentence being tacked on too? If so, what can he object to and how long does he have to do it?
  2. My friend is scheduled for a jury murder trial in a few weeks. Trial is set to go on and as part of preliminary matters, the judge had all the charges (40+) read out loud last court date. My friend wonders why the court would do this? He was arraigned when he was first charged. Then he was re-indicted a few months after. My friend wants to know if this reading is typical for pretrial or what other possibilities may have caused this to be done. He asked his PD, but his PD was too busy to answer and my friend won't get to see him again for several weeks.
  3. If one asks the police department for any rules or procedures, do they have to release these to you? Are they considered public documents? Or, can one get them thru FOIA?
  4. Unless you can show that the attorney assigned to your son's case either represented some member of the victim's family as an attorney or heard their case as a judge, or has some other business interest or very close personal interest with the family, it is unlikely that he had a conflict-of-interest. Plus, he was responsible to give you a direct answer and disclose to your son any potential conflicts he had in representing him at the time he was appointed. Now that your son is convicted, I believe you can only raise this as a possible appeal issue. It would not automatically reverse his conviction at this point even if there was a legitimate conflict.
  5. So, the public defender's office got him a conflict counsel and so avoided the County having a conflict-of-interest in defending him. Seeing this post, my question would be whether or not the County also had a potential conflict-of-interest in prosecuting him depending on how close the victim family's connections were with the State's Attorney's office?
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