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  1. No notice was given by anyone prior to the 60 day window. After invoking part 3 of the current lease, we let them know we were going with the $50 increase for the year, vs their higher proposed rate. This apparently did not sit well with them, so they immediately sent a new lease for 90 days and no renew, with no signature requirement on it to accept the new lease length. So, are we forced into the 90 day lease or is the 1 year at $50 more the legal lease, or can we opt to accept the 90 day lease without fearing a lease break from the current auto renew?
  2. 55" is usually a round-up for measurement of actual viewing screen size. Just get a 50 or 45", cheap enough now, and rock the house with it and your 4 super duper speakers (3.1 surround)
  3. You got booted because you questioned the system. The management you have described are honorless scumbag, backstabbing, weasel boot lickers, and I have known my share of them. Unless you are in a State that is NOT a "right to work" type, you are out of luck. SUE the bastages in small claims court, imo, they may settle out of court just to keep out bad publicity. google -"right to work" state- to find out. The only real hope I see is that you were disabled during the latter part. It does not matter if its a work related disability, so you have a much stronger case, as in they possibly did not provide you with adequate accommodations to successfully perform your job, and if so, you have them by the nuts, and need to squeeze them jewels. This would be a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  4. After stating to the land lord, that clause 3 extends lease 1 year and only at $50 more, the land lord sent a new lease, that has no signatures for agreement as a normal lease does, of a 90 day notice of non renewal. So does this 90 day one over rule the full year signed lease and $50 more rent clause or could I force the terms for the 1 year and not worry about being tossed out after the 90 day notice? or could I accept the new 90 day one if desired?
  5. Does this statement require that a new lease actually be signed or would the existing and current one referred to extend the extra year as stated? Does the new 90 day one sent, which has no signature needed, override the current one which has not yet expired? Reason for question: a new lease for only 90 days notice of non-renewal was sent after we invoked this clause because of a major jump in rent for another year, but they did not provide the notice within their 60 day time frame , so we opted for the lower rate and extra year based on this clause. clause 3 in lease: --Renewal term: either party may terminate this agreement at the end of the initial term or renewal term by giving the other party at least a 60 day written notice prior to the end of the initial term or a renewal term, but if no notice is given, then the agreement will be extended for and additional one year period on the same terms and conditions contained in this agremeent with the exception that the rent will increase $50.00 per month above the rent for the prior 12 months.-- and yes, this is spelled exactly as written... -- agremeent -- note spelling in last sentence.