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  1. Hello, I'm writing to you today to discuss a legal solution to my situation, before I go out and hire a lawyer I'd like advice. Yesterday I was sent a package by Publishers Clearing House that I did not order. I've ordered from them once in the past and then never again. The package was quite big and I didn't open it as I don't order much online so I knew it wasn't mine. I looked at the shipping label and saw who sent it and contacted them about it. PCH stated that I ordered it and I also paid in full for it, at this point I thought I had called a scammer and hung up(They asked for my credit information due to me not knowing the order #) I looked at my bank account and noticed a fee of $540.15 was charged by them, couldn't cancel this transaction as per my bank(I told them to cancel all my cards & send new ones so this wont happen again). I then called PCH again and spoke to them after being on hold for 3 hours they explained to me that I had ordered the product and I just "FORGOT ABOUT IT"(Im not lying I recorded the entire call these guys are rude throughout the entire call). After 40mins of random conversation with this guy he says you can ship the item back for a full refund. I say okay do you need my email for the shipping label the guy no joke chuckles and says "Sir you need to pay to ship it back". Not happy with this outcome I ask to speak to a supervisor and the guy puts me on hold for another hour then I get disconnected(he hung up). So fed up with this I bring this package to USPS to ship it back and they wouldn't take it because it exceeds the 70lbs weight limit. I then go to UPS very upset still, they price it out for me $110(no way in hell I'm paying that). I've contacted them several more times by email and received the same condescending responses. What can I do here am I out $100 or $500, should I take them to small claims and hope they don't show up??How is it not illegal for them to just charge me with out my consent?? Im 100% I did not order this product over 100%, also it weights about 150lbs this is insane. They cannot get away with this!!
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