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  1. He wants me to work all hours necessary to fulfill all assigned duties but he only wants me to log 160 hours a month on my time card. If I work more hours to finish what he wants done he's great with that in fact he expects that for as large of a workload as I have he tells me. Just don't put more than 160 hours on my time card.he says I'll eventually learn to squeeze it all in. But he fired all the part time employees and I am now working alone and have assumed their workloads. I was also recently injured on the job and I notified my boss/the Dr. who did nothing and continues to do nothing.
  2. What I need to hear is usually not what I "want" to hear. I've come to grips with this ages ago. And I graciously thank you for your feedback. I have kept a complete and detailed log of every hour I have worked since starting. I am looking at about 300-350 hours of "volunteer" time. That my boss has requested I do.... is it unfair or unethical of me to turn in a copy of all the documented hours I have spent working for this man? And is there a way to address being payed for time spent dealing with the constant onslaught of calls from him and other employees from his other offices? He has made it clear that I NEED to answer all calls and that's why he gave me my own work phone/cell phone. So he could verify certain documents had been filed etc. and I was to answer always. Seems a bit demanding. I told him if he felt I wasn't fulfilling my duties in an acceptable time frame that maybe he should seek a more qualified candidate. But he insists I do 20xs more work than my predicessor and am far more efficient and patients love me. I feel I am getting mixed messages. And he hardly has time to hear my concerns. And is quick to dismiss them away with an I'm late to the E.R. Where he reads X-rays part time also. He also has clinics in 2 other cities as well as mine and like I said he reads x rays here at our local hospital.
  3. thank you for taking the time to read and respond. I understand what you are saying about the responsibility we have to eachother in an employer/employee relationship. He wants me to volunteer any hours I work over 160 for the furtherance of the practice/clinic. To help get things caught up and a little ahead he says..... the person I replaced left a horrendous mess. She Added her own notes to the dr.s files while deleting the doctors own notes in many cases. She lost documents violated god only knows how many hippa regulations and chose which patients got their RFA's turned in per her own personal preference. Like a popularity contest. I don't mind cleaning up her mess and I love to see how happy patients are to have their requests authorized and progress made. It makes me feel like I'm making a difference, but I don't feel it's right for the DR/my boss to ask me to volunteer my time and soo much of it, because he didn't properly monitor his business or employees
  4. I'm not sure if I'm asking this question in the proper spot but I tried so here goes.... there was recently a power outage/ surge in my area. My chest freezer in my garage had worked great until that point. After the surge the digital display continued to work the freezer made noise as if it WERE working. About a week later I noticed it was leaking. Every thing in the freezer was rotten totaling around 7-800$ in beef. Is the power company legally obliged to cover my freezer and the loss of food? Sorry if I was a bit long winded. Any advice is greatly appreciated
  5. My boss asked me to work Tons of hours that he doesn't want me to log on my time cards. I am not supposed to exceed 160 hours in a month but am expected to complete certain tasks which must be completed for the clinic I work four to operate properly My title is office manager my boss is the Doctor Who runs the clinic my boss does not want me to bill him for the extra hours spent completing the tasks he assigns me I have spent hundreds of hours in the last few months in the office and at home completing the assignments I have been given my boss encourages me to take one of the company computers home with me so I can continue work from home he says that it is mandatory that I complete these tasks. I am on my I am unable to Complete them in the timeframe he requires and he tells me that I am only able to bill him for the 160 hours that he wants the work done in. I felt I should complete the tasks assigned to me and did so but at 2 to 3 times the allotted hours he wanted them completed in.... my job has consumed my life Day and night he text me at all hours of the day and night with work related questions and has even had employees from offices in other towns text me at all hours of the night and day with work related questions I feel as if I am never off the clock I am in desperate need of the income that I do get so am afraid to make waves and I am unsure of my rights in this matter. I am positive in the last three months I have worked more than 300 hours that I have not been paid for and I am not sure how to even bill or charge for all of the phone calls and texts that I receive from him and from other offices regarding the practice....
  6. I was performing my normal duties and was injured on my job I immediately informed my employer who is a Worker's Compensation doctor. He laughed mumbled something and walked off quickly. I again informed him that I had been injured and again he brushed me off and quickly walked away a couple days later I again for the third time informed my employer that I have been injured and was definitely feeling the effects of the injury as it was impeding my ability to perform my duties.... I am not sure what steps to take beyond informing my employer of the injury...... aside from the fact that my employer is a doctor I am disturbed by the lack of care or recognition towards my injury by him as an employer let alone as a doctor. Any advice is greatly appreciated
  7. I believe my ex-girlfriend obtained my mom's prepaid Walmart credit card information and made fraudulent unauthorized charges online. While on speakerphone my mom was on the line with the card company who was listing the charges to the card it appeared that she had been making charges to the card for a couple of months.... between my mom and I we were able to inform the company which charges were legitimate and which charges were fraudulent the company notified my mom by mail that they found all of the charges to be legitimate some of the charges were even made in Florida we live in California we try to point this out to the company and they still considered all of the charges legitimate my mom lost out on over $1500 the card company send a letter stating there will be no compensation as they found the charges legitimate.... my ex was staying with us when she obtained the card information. She definitely made fraudulent charges.....I don't know where to go from here since the card company will not help my mom and all the charges made were made online.... Do I re petition the card company or talk to my local law-enforcement department because the charges made we're definitely not made by my mom and even the card company said that the charges were not typical of the history of charges on the card. I don't know if I am being clear enough but. I also don't know where else to turn any answers or suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated
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