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  1. Below is my problem 1998 - My husband and I were married in India and we moved to US for job opportunity. 2008 - Due to aging parents we decided that we have to move back to India. I moved back to India with the kids. His parents started harassing me in India for a divorce since I left US and came back to India. 2013 - I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my health started going down for more than a year. 2014 - I received a notice from US court filed by my husband. I wrote an email to the lawyer who was representing my husband giving my situation and saying that I don't agree for a divorce. I communicated with my husband too and requested that a divorce is not in the interest of the kids and hence to withdraw it. He accepted it. I hadn't heard regarding that case after that one time. 2016 - I went to Boston on Oct 20th 2016 to sell the joint property on insistence by my husband. That is when I knew from the real estate attorney that the Worcester court has granted me divorce from my husband without any settlement / agreement. My husband still maintains that he has no knowledge of the divorce. I signed the sale because my husband said that I will be imprisoned in US if I fail to sign the sale agreement. I came back to India on Nov 2nd 2016. Since 2008 we have been in continuous touch. He visits India and the kids go to US. We have two children who are school now in India. Now my husband is in India and planning his remarriage. What do I do? Thanks
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