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  1. Well I know her special parole requires her to complete a halfway house to find a job, save $1500 before she can find a place a live. She had been arrested originally 68 charges including identity theft, credit card fraud, larceny 2-6, burglary, criminal mischief, possession of narcotics, possession of drug paraphernalia, illegal prescription, and so on, so she isn't supposed to get any new criminal charges. Now these new charges are at hartford ct community court which I found out differs from a regular court that they only offer community service, pay a fine or jail time they don't offer probation or parole. I'm trying to convince her to contact her po and tell halfway house.
  2. OK my cousin is asking me for an answer please help! She is on special parole 3 years currently at a halfway house. She went to Walmart which she is not supposed to be there. She stole a lipstick and was caught so she received a court summons to appear in community court in Hartford CT. She didn't tell officers nor her parole officer yet. New charges are trespassing and larceny 6. Any ideas as to what will happen and what she do?
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