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  1. How should I get my warrant resolved? I was put on felony probation in California in August of 2015. I got my charges and went to jail in orange County. However, I don't live in orange County. I asked my probation officer for a transfer to a different County on multiple occasions. She would not transfer me. But in Orange County I was homeless, on drugs, and out committing crimes. I had one violation and went to jail and got back out on probation. Still my po wouldn't give me a transfer. I finally decided that I wasn't going to stay down there and just get into even more trouble. So I came back to Monterey County. I was issued a warrant for my arrest a few weeks less than a year ago. I want to turn myself in and get my warrant resolved and /or get my probation transferred out here, or just do my time to get out with no tail if that's even possible . I called the monterey jail and they said orange County will have to come get me within 5 days but I don't know if that's what I should do. I would rather not have to go do any jail time if at all possible. I obviously haven't gotten into any trouble with the law for a whole year that's why I am still out. What should I do?
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