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  1. Does anyone else have any expertise/input/advice other than the obvious? thanks. legalwriterone...thanks
  2. I asked questions a couple of months ago but I have a few more questions if you could assist me. I want to reopen my mothers estate because I was unaware that I maybe entitled to funds being listed as 1 of her 4 heirs, ( me, my step father and two sisters). Also the home(grandma's home that was deeded to my mom in 2008 and mom died in 2012)) was not listed in my mothers estate inventory by my step dad. What is the likely outcome if I reopen the estate? I am wanting the house to be properly deeded in my name and whatever else I am entitled to. Thanks
  3. Thank its my biggest downfall. Its just they way I look at things I always have to be prepared for a what if. One more question, sorry. Taxes have been paid on the home since my mother passed in 2012 by her brother I assume, the tax bill is still in my mothers name, does this have any bearing on anything? Can he say I paid the taxes so I have a say so as far as deed goes?
  4. The deed between my grandmother and mother is recorded, it was filed in 2008.
  5. Its just they way I look at things I always have to be prepared for a what if.
  6. I dont know if you have read my earlier post from yesterday but as I am trying to get things together I was just wondering if a person(my grandmothers children) could possibly have another deed other than the one that is recorded at our courthouse? If they do have one but its not recorded is it legal?
  7. What makes a deed legal? Meaning say if a deed was drawn up and notarized but never recorded at courthouse?
  8. So what if its never probated due to stubborness of others?
  9. So when you say her estate owns the property, does that mean the 4 of us(her heirs) or is that terminology for the court system?
  10. You are correct in saying he failed to deal with the property. He was only concerened with the home that they purchased together, in a nutshell he was told about inheriting the property but he was like the hell with it. I know for a fact that he would not open it back up because as far as he is concerend it still belonged to my grandmother. The children(we) never even received anything for one we were unaware, we understood that bc our mom did not have a will that meant everything went to father, we were destraught after her death. If he refuses to reopen it is there anything that I can do? I just want to make sure Im legally right when I go to lock up the house to safe guard it until things are figured out.
  11. When your grandmother deeded the home to your mother, was it to your mother alone? Or was it jointly with your stepfather? How was title vested? In other words, did it say something like, "Mary Smith grants [description of property] to Susan Smith-Jones, a married woman"? Or, ". . . to Susan Smith-Jones, as her sole and separate property"? Its was soley deeded in my mothers name. I was told by the courthouse(estate office) that the property did not go thru the proper chanels of titlement bc it was not listed in my mothers estate. It is a NC General Warranty Deed stating my grandmother as Grantor and my mother as Grantee. You wrote that you, your sisters, and your stepfather "are [your mother's] heirs." What exactly do you mean by that? According to the courthouse(estate office) we are all listed as her heirs in the estate filed. Did your mother have a will? If so, can you give a general description of how the will disposed of her estate? My mother did not have a will. You wrote that your "stepfather never included the property . . . in her estate." What did you mean by that? According to the courthouse(estate office) she said that he never listed the property in the inventory(that is bc he didnt realize and at the same time was not concerned about the property that was deeded to my mom).
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