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  1. I received a ban on the 11th of December, In this case I have no clue why. It occured 2 months ago but I did not keep the original message, and in that case I see the error that might have tripped the event. I made a video of the content that had been shared at the time the ban was tripped, and nothing violated the ToS or was not anything uncommonly posted on a regular basis by other amateur graphic artist that make content for these games. The Current Ban is supposed to have expired 12/16/2016. The last ban did not expire on the date displayed. With the type of Terms of Service Microsoft has for itself and its studio "Turn10" [The Forza Game Franchise], it states that they are to be given exclusive domain over customer issues, however in the cases of these banning policies, I think it is a Violation of MS part of their own ToS. If the ban was not lifted, I desire to sue. {updated: checked/logged into the game in question, and the ban had been lifted apparently on the time displayed, but I would greatly appreciate a direction, should this happen again.}
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