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  1. Sorry I should have been more detailed. I have two vehicles and the one involved in the accident I never drive and don't have any insurance on it. My girlfriends car took a dump so I let her use it. She was waiting at a red light with a bunch of other cars when one man fell asleep and hit the car in the back of the line, that car then hit my car, which then caused my car to hit the vehicle in front of mine(the one with minor damage). I contacted his insurance company later that day and within the week there people looked over my car at the junk yard and determined it to be totaled. I get an email from him once a week saying the same thing and that is he is still unable to get in contact with the vehicle with minor damage. Accident occurred on September 28th 2016.
  2. So a guy fell asleep at the wheel and hit me and 2 other people. He totaled my car and one other while the 3rd car had minor damage on its rear bumper. It's been 3 months and I still have not received my money for my car because the claim guy can't get ahold of that 3rd driver with minor damages. The guy at fault had full coverage but not great full coverage so he may not be able to pay for the full damages of everyone's car(is what his insurance company told me). He also said if I got a rental car they may not be able to reimburse me the money spent on that so I've been getting rides, sometimes a taxi but my life has been hell since and it's been 3 months.... is this right?
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