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  1. Thank you for your very good advise, I got the ball rolling with my insurance. hope it gets worked out soon.
  2. this was taken in July of this year, was a good looking van. whole purpose is to know if I have a good enough case to take the lady who hit me to small claims court and win?
  3. does this look like I hit anyone? I would have to be moving forward, not back to get that kind of damage. and the little dent on the bumper was there BEFORE I got hit, I have pictures to prove that.
  4. First and only time I talked (few days after accident in October ) the insurance adjuster guy said to me..." they have not made a claim" more then a month later I received the letter telling me to pay or they will go after my insurance to pay. I am being accused of 100% liability. I was not moving when she hit me. i saw her and like I should,I stopped, but if she was looking over her shoulder like she should backing up she would have seen me. I did not hit her, if I had I would accept my part. I am going to assess damage today and talk to my insurance again. I was told by my insurance company to call the at fault insurer to work it out, but he has not responded to any of my calls or emails. All the proof is on my van, I was not moving when she hit me, the force knocked off my bumper. if I was moving or did back into her then the damage would be different. all her insurance guy has to go on is her account of what happened and the police report, they have no other proof that I hit her. would a statement from a mechanic about the damage and causes help?
  5. ok, so what do I need most to prove my side? I have before and after pictures, full police report and insurance guys letter to me. do I need to takes pictures of the parking lot or draw some pictures to show how far out I was? Also would having the cop change his story on the report help at all? i've talked to him since and he said he was not there and could not judge who is at fault, but his report clearly states that I hit her.
  6. I was rear ended in parking lot..... I started backing out first, saw other vehicle backing out also so I stopped. looked quickly in front of me to see if I could move out of the way and....CRUCH. I was backing out first and had right of way, her vehicle had a small crack and I lost my left tail light and most the bumper was knocked off. her insurance wont except my claims, or return my calls. all I have is a letter telling me I owe them 700+ for the damage. also the way the cop filled out the report makes it sound like I'm to blame, like I hit her. proof is in the way the scratches move down side of my van and knocked off stuff. what should I do next
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