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  1. No, not employed. And, my loyalty does not belong to any corporate miscreant. Fraudulent conduct; especially, in the healthcare milieu; is not just squanderous of public funds ("tax money"), it is dangerous to every patient and diminishes scarce healthcare market resources. See, Medicare Learning Network Booklet: Medicare Fraud & Abuse: Prevention, Detection, and Reporting.
  2. I am a Paramedic working for private ambulance companies. I filed a qui tam (False Claims) action against an ambulance company. The government declined to join; the case was dismissed. That company; however, was denied future CMS Billing. It closed. Subsequently, I was told by my then current employer that an employee of the Virginia Department of Health, Office of Emergency Medical Services (EMS), [omitted] EMS Council, states to then current, and to prospective, employers that I am "disloyal" and "will sue his employer" among other statements. Further, stating that I should not be employed. This has made employment more difficult to maintain. This is my licensed occupation's Regulatory Authority causing on-going Retaliation. These statements have been made to both prospective, and then previously current, employers. What are my recourses?
  3. Does HIPAA apply when a privately-employed Paramedic reports a Sentinel Event (patient death caused by unsafe practices at a healthcare facility) to regulatory authority and to accreditation organizations? My employer terminated me for making report to the Department of Health, stating that I was causing a "hostile work environment by harming business opportunities" as well as HIPAA Violations. I think it much more likely that the facility, being a major supplier for that company's call-volume, has colluded with my previous employer to discredit my reporting.
  4. How would it be determined whether good title passed?
  5. At an auction in North Carolina, purchased items and transported these items for use in Virginia. After approximately one year, now seeking to sell. It occurred to me to inquire with the original seller-manufacturer whether the initial owner could be determined by serial number. In response, various registered owners were identified. None of which are the bankrupt company which auctioned these items. It is my experience that these particular owners do not normally make these items available for sale; and, when these items are sold the Registered Owner is commonly updated with the manufacturer to make notifications for updated software available. Currently, the average purchase price of these used items seems to be $1,200.00. Did good tiltle pass to me from the state-licensed auctioneers; or, could I be in possession of stolen goods? So, can I sell these items without inquiring as to their status with the registered owners?
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