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  1. you don't get it... I don't care that I didn't get the contract. Someone faked the report of my background check! Someone made one up before the request was forwarded to the BCCU. But FYI WAC 388-825-385 states a personal care providers contract can be summarily suspended pending a hearing based on reasonable good faith that the provider's inadequate care puts the client in imminent jeopardy. I have never given poor care to my daughter or any other client. Never had a complaint of any kind. If they thought, in good fait,h that she was in imminent jeopardy why would they have left her in my care, in my home? And I was never offered a hearing either. WAC 388-71-0510 states that parent providers are exempt from background checks anyway.
  2. My daughter is 27 and severely disabled. Washihgton state pays for in home caregivers to keep her at home and not an institution. Parents are allowed (if child is over 18yr) to become paid providers. So in this case it is a wage earning position. So I would appreciate it if you dont know what you are talking about you kept your snarky answers to yourself.
  3. Terminating the contract was against WAC/RCW, by their own guidelines. And the EEOC definition states that ALL retaliation is discrimination and illegal just not in their wheelhouse unless it is a protected characteristic.
  4. I used the term 'protected class' because that is what the EEOC called it. It was not refering to the complaint, it was referring to the classification of the type of discrimination, ie: race, gender, age, disability, etc. EEOC agreed that it was a clear cut case of retaliation but because it was not discrimination of a protected class (my original complaint was for wrongful termination of my contract) they could not process it. I hope this cleared some of this up. There is way too much to go into on this sight, I just needed some guidance with the background check aspect.
  5. A ten point fingerprint analysis must be done and submitted with the request for the background check. The agency is DSHS Dept of Developmental Disabilities. The contract is for in home personal care provider for my 27 yr disabled daughter, whom I have cared for at home for all of her life. I am an RN of 20 years, a registered counselor, a crisis responder (cdmhp), and I am certified to teach the CNA class for the in home care providers. I cant think of anyone who could be more qualified for this contract. Yes, I completed my fingerprint appt the day after receiving the letter of disqualification and background check report. I recieved the true and correct report approx a month later. I have the false report, verification of the fingerprint appt, and the true report. Why is it so hard for people to believe that this happened? They are just people. People with faults and quirks like anybody else. Frankly, I am shocked that nobody else is shocked. How should I proceed with this? Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. Maybe 'forged' is not the right verbage. Nor is agency. When applying for this type of contract a ten point fingerprint must be completed AND be attached to the request for the background check. Because of unrelated circumstances I had to reschedule my appointment for fingerprinting and push it back a week. I received a notice that states 'a fingerprint background check had been completed due to findings on my background check I was disqualified'. I received it BEFORE I had even gone for my fingerprinting appointment. I called the agency that completes the checks and it was verified that there had not been a check done and that it was "impossible" to do one without the fingerprint verification attached to the request. But there I stood with one in my hand. There is a long history with people in this agency and myself that goes back 7 years when I filed a complaint for wrongful termination of a contract. But my main issue is 'someone' filed a false report with my name and application with the intent to disqualify me from this contract.
  7. What can be done if a person in a Govt agency manufactures a false background check report to ensure that someone is disqualified from getting a job? There is documentation that proves it.
  8. A finding by DSHS. There has been no temp or perm restraining order, the aid didn't even know about the 'finding'. It came up on a background check report.
  9. If and aide has a finding of exploitation of a vulnerable adult can they have it vacated or removed from their record after a period of time?
  10. A complaint of wrongful termination of a contract was made a while ago. Then an attempt was made to get the contract reinstated. In the process the required background check report was forged to disqualify the applicant. Does this qualify as retaliation since the original complaint was not a "protected class" ie: age, gender, etc.)? I might add it was the office of DSHS Dept of Developmental Disabilities that forged the report. Also, isn't this some type of criminal activity? What should I do about this? complaintshortversion.doc
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