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  1. I am in a semantics argument with two different agencies. The DOT - FMSCA website (390.201) indicates that I need DOT operating authority to engage in for-profit interstate commuter van service (3 vans, 12 passengers each including myself - fellow employees will take turns driving), but a local agency says I don't have to do it because Title 49 13506 states that "a motor vehicle carrying no more than 15 individuals in a single, daily roundtrip to commute to and from work" is exempt. Am I just reading 13506 too literally? I see the word "a", and I believe we are talking about one van, not a fleet of 3.
  2. It didn't sound right to me, but the application of Title IX seems to be very numbers based. I have contacted the Title IX coordinator at her school - are there any other avenues I might try?
  3. My daughter goes to middle school in a very small public school district, so all of the sports are small teams and sometimes get cancelled due to lack of interest. In the past, boys and girls have been allowed to play on each others team if they do not have one of their own. For example, there wasn't a boy's volleyball team, so a boy was on the girl's team. This year, girl's basketball is not being offered, and boy's team is only planned to have 6 members. My daughter has been denied joining or even trying out for the team with no reason why, yet the boy who played volleyball with the girls last year will be allowed to play again this year. I guess I would be ok with the disparity if I understood it, but I don't. Can someone tell me if this is allowed, and if so, why?
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