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  1. back in June 16 of 2015 my father in law and mother in law signed the POA over to me. we had them notarized. then on July 15, 2015 i had to go in front of a judge because the home my father in law was in said the POA wasn't legal and i believed them. so the judge granted me conservatorship on July 15 2015. after the fact i talk to a lawyer and he said the my POA was legal. today i went back in front of the judge with the POA i already had to get the courts out of my father in law business like he ask me to do. the judge said he couldn't do it because he had a letter from my father in laws old home he was in saying that he was incompetent. i have a notarized letter from all 3 of my father in law son saying that they want me to have full say so about their dad like it was before July 15, 2016 when i went to court. i have my father in laws medical records from that same home and i done have one that says in he is incompetent. now the judge is saying he is hiring a court appointed attorney for my father in law. what does that mean.
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