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  1. Hello, I had purchased an e-book for a college course and I was charged $135.00 for the e-book. However, I do not have access to the e-book anymore because you only have access for the duration of the class apparently,which I found absurd. Additionally, we only had accessed for about 2 months, probably not even a full 2 months since the course was an 8-week class. I have never come across something like this when purchasing e-books. Is there anything that can be done about this situation? Is the legal?
  2. Hello, If someone who has knowledge about grade appeals could take some time to read the attached documents below and let me know what I can do about my situation legally. If my grade appeal is denied? My grade appeal was denied my the dean and now my case has moved to the Ad HOC Committee for review. Appeal Letter to the Dean.docx Statement to Ad Hoc Commitee.docx GradeAppeal_Sweeting.pdf
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