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  1. I just bought a CPO 2014 Honda Odyssey on 11/26 and no one noticed (including myself) nor brought it up to my attention it had a cracked windshield (over 12" long behind the rearview mirror). I hadn't seen it until the car was prepped and all stickers were removed from the windshield and I was on my way home that I saw it. I called them and reported the issue and have been waiting for a resolution since 11/26. According to the ad pictures and stickers the crack seems to have been covered. Do I have a case to pursue this? I just want them to fix and/or replace the windshield if necessary for safety reasons. p.s. According to their CPO checklist that I just reviewed few mins ago, they had the windshield listed as NOT meeting standards which violates their CPO compliance to tag the asset as certified... so why sell it as a pre-owned and mis-guide customers... Thoughts or advise please?
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