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  1. The house was willed to both of us. My sister is the executor of the will and she has not had to house tittle transferred into our names, it is still in my fathers name. There is no mortgage it is paid off. My sister has been paying the property taxes the last 8 years while she has resided in the house.
  2. My sister and I inherited a house together. The plan was to rent the house and share the rental income. But she moved in instead, without any consultation. She claims she can do this legally and she does not have to ask my permission to live in the house and she is not required to pay me any rent. Is this true? She has occupied the house for the last 8 1/2 years and has failed to get the property transferred out of my deceased fathers name.
  3. She is the executor of the will, I don't know how she is the PR.. thats what she told me. The house is still in my father name at this time. Please excuse my ignorance with legal terminology, i am new to all of this.
  4. In 2008 my father died and left the house to my sister and I. She is the PR. it was determined that the house value was too low to sell at that time. So we both put in $10,000 for upgrades and repairs so that the house use could be rented, and thus my sister and i would share the rental income from the house. After such repairs and upgrades were completed, my sister moved into the house, without telling me. Effectively removing me from all potential rental income. At the time she told me that what she did was legal and she did not have to ask my permission take full possession of the house because she owned half. She has never paid me anything for the nine years she has lived in the house. Now she wants to "settle the house". The estate has not been probated at this time. My question is this: Since she broke a verbal agreement to rent the house, would the courts award me the money I have lost in the nine years she has been living in the house for free? Or am I out of that money forever?
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