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  1. You are correct. I do have that option. I spoke to another company today that provides the monitoring and you are allowed to go wherever the court order states as long as it is within the time frame. Her not allowing me to do as the court order says is not the right way to do things. She requires that you notify her the day prior and with the intoxilock that is just not possible. She cannot dictate the times I go as long as it is on my court order.
  2. I was recently ordered to wear an ankle monitor following DUI conviction. On my court orders, it states I am able to work Monday through Friday 8-4, go to the doctor at two locations (recent broken back), to the lawyers office, and to get the calibration on the intoxilock device on my car. All the addresses are listed on this court order. The company who installed the monitor has been a nightmare. Their rules are to text my next days activities with the time, address, etc. by 5 pm the day prior. I am to text when I leave home, arrive to the first place (my office), then to the next place, when I leave and when I arrive home. I have no problem with this as I only want to abide by my court order and go the places listed on this order. The problem I am having is with the calibration of the intoxilizer, you have a very limited amount of time to get the car to the automotive dealer to get the unit placed or your car will be locked out and will have to be towed to the automotive repair shop to have it installed. I am to call the auto repair company at 1 pm to see if the unit was received by UPS. If it was received, I am to go straight to the auto company to have it installed. There is no time to waste as I have a very minimal amount of time to make it there or the car will be locked out and need towed. I called the lady and explained that I had no idea if the auto company received the unit until that day and if they did I would have to go, if not, I would have to check again the next day. She was extremely rude and stated I still needed to text her the address of the auto company by 5 pm. I immediately got on the phone with intoxilizer to see if the shipment was made and if there was anyway to track it. Of course, I was on the phone on hold past 5 pm. I texted her the address soon after and she told me I couldn't go that I had to sit home. This woman is a nightmare. So, after that on Thanksgiving day, I texted her again stating I was going to the auto place. I still had no idea if they received the shipment or even was open but had no choice to tell her I was going due to fear of missing the calibration and having my car locked out. Of course, they were closed the next day. I texted her I was not going that they were closed. She got upset stating again I needed to make an appointment. I texted back again trying to explain there was no way to do this. I would make an appointment if at all possible but could not. It is obvious the intoxilizer and this ankle bracelet monitoring deal is not working. I cant afford to have my car locked out and towed to the company. She is treating me like I am trying to get away with something. I am still complying with my court orders but it is extremely difficult to work with this woman. What are my rights? Would she be in contempt of court for not allowing me to comply with orders????
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