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  1. ElleMD I am really more angry at the customer who posted my picture. Imagine if someone posted a photo of you on FB "Anyone recognized this thief?" But this all got started by Chase. Yes, i understand human make mistake. Although, how names get mix up when account number is used in withdrawal is a mystery to me. Instead of doing a thorough investigation, the police was called in. I spoke to the investigator at the police station, the bank called them.
  2. pg1067 I am not arguing with you. You make some good point. Why the police was called before a thorough investigation by the bank is a good point. I guess Chase suspected identity theft or something a long those line. I may be wrong but I think why my lawyer is taking so long with this case is because he figure there no monetary gain by pursuing the customer who posted the photo. I hope I am wrong. He is working on contingency. Thank you for your time.
  3. I still think Chase has some culpability. If the customer never complain about the missing $1000, the bank error would have gone unnoticed. Think about checking account with frequent business transaction, a small amount of money missing could have gone unnoticed by the customer. pg1067: Would you feel differently about Chase , if instead of $1000 dollar, the amount was alot larger? Bank teller: "Oop, I accidently transfered a hundred thousand dollar into the wrong account, SORRY" I am joking off course A few friends with legal background mentioned to me how shock they are at the carelessness of some of these banks teller. Apparently these kind of incident happen before to other customers (Citibank in those other cases) Company should be responsible for their employee and their practice. Especially if their error lead to further problem. Yes, the customer should not have posted any photo on FB but she was assured by Chase that someone stole her money? If Chase wasn't so irresponsible there wouldn't even be any photo to post.
  4. I am only hesitant about changing attorney because I have already waited nine months. Switching attorney now may prolong another several months. Myself, I have never use Facebook until this incident. I don't know what FB rules are, but can anybody post anything without repercussion? I am sure I am not the only one who have been accused of something on FB. What if it something worse then theft. You may say "what the big deal" but in a small community, rumor/gossip has a way to spreading to large number of people.
  5. So I should give up and do nothing? A vocal apology by Chase does not do me any good when people i run into continue to believe that I stolen that money. When your friend and family look at you suspiciously. I guess I want the customer to post a message on Facebook that the photo was in error (with whatever FB account she using today). Small consolation. Yes i did loose my job as a result of the photo. A few customers went into my hair salon and mention about the story. Their chat made it way to my manager and he decided to let me go. After that, I apply for jobs at two other salons and they mention the incident to me. pg1067: the bank claim that the photo was given to the customer by the police. Yes her facebook page may not have alot of followers, but in our small community in Houston , rumor/gossip spread very quickly and extensively.
  6. pg1067 Answer some of your question: The Chase customer (same name as mine) who lost money, complained to the bank. The bank then open an investigation. The police was called in. Photo from bank camera taken while I was withdrawing money was giving to the police and the customer. The customer then posted the photo on Facebook with message. "Anyone recognized this thief? she stole ...." The unfortunate part is that alot of people in Houston recognized that photo of me. Several days later after the Facebook post, walking around my neighborhood, I was called a thief and other name. I even lost my job. So i came into the Bank and the police station to clear out the matter. The bank manager apologized for the mistake, it was determined that the bank teller withdrew from the wrong bank account. The teller was fired. The Facebook photo was taken down. The FB account is no longer active. But still people in my neighborhood continue to query about the incident. Did i stole money from Chase? etc. I don't care if Chase is liable or not. No monetary damage. I just want to clear my name. Some apology or message of mistaken identity by the customer and or verify by Chase Bank. It that too much to ask? A vocal apology by Chase does not help me as I mentioned, friends and neighbor continue to believe that I am guilty. At this point, maybe it pointless, it was nine month ago. But still it would be the decent thing to do. Did the lawyer file a lawsuit against the customer who posted my picture? It unclear. He is so vague. According to him, he is filing paperwork and to "be patient". That why I though about hiring another lawyer to handle the incident. Put yourself in my shoe, at this point what do i do? Give up so easily? My anger is over people accusing me of being a theif.
  7. Clearly, the fault lay with Chase bank teller. The mixup occurred because me and the other customer had the same name. Can you believe that? When a bank teller withdraw deposit, it should be base on account number rather then name. Yes, the bank teller was fired after this incident. My question is why didn't Chase do some extensive check before they release the photo to police. It very careless on the part of Chase. If Chase is not liable, what to say, this can't happen again with another customer. My reputation is clearly ruined, even if the customer relay a message on Facebook. btw her Facebook account is no longer active. As for the lawyer. He work on contingency. Everytime i asked him for update on the case , he keep telling me to be patient as he filing paper work. He didn't go into detail. If I ask for more detail, he get antsy. What to do? Feels like a dead end.
  8. Nine months ago I hired a lawyer in Houston TX in defamation issue concerning Chase Bank. I was accused of withdrawing $1000 out of bank account of another Chase customer. While the investigation was ongoing the police gave a photo taken from bank camera to the customer who proceeded to post my picture on Facebook. After the Facebook posting in which people recognized me, I was fired from my job, people on the street accused me of being a thief. Eventually it was revealed that the mistake was on the part of Chase Bank. Chase bank teller accidently withdrew money from the wrong account. Chase apologized in person. The Facebook photo was taken down but no apology or message from the Facebook's poster, No message indicating mistaken identify. People in my hometown continue to believe that I am guilty. I still could not find work. So I decided to hire a lawyer to pursue damages. Is Chase liable? Or is it primary the Chase's customer who posted my photo on Facebook? If so, why is the case taken so long without any result.? Should I hire another lawyer?
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