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  1. Hi. I am a person that has two dogs that I breed and sell puppies from. I also donate many of the puppies to disabled people to be trained as service dogs and other people as well. My question is do I need some sort of business license, tax ID number, or anything so that I can write off the puppies that I donate? This is not a business that I live off of. It is just something else that I do, mostly to help others. I would appreciate it if I could know for sure if it is legal to write off the cost of the donated puppies on my taxes. It cost me a lot of money to breed and take care of the puppies until they go to their homes and they are definitely worth a lot of money, but I am not in it for the money I am in it to help people. Please let me know so I don't get into trouble with Uncle Sam. Thank you so much!
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