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  1. About 2 years ago my sister hit a car while turning on a busy street. I switched seats with her because she had no license and didn't want to go to jail. I wasn't aware that the insurance on the car had lapsed that month so I was sued for $6000 for damages by state Farm on behalf of the driver. On top of that my license was suspended and I have a ticket to pay. My sister said she would take care of it but now isn't holding up to her word. Is there anything I can do to get her to claim responsibility? Or at least get my name cleared from this mess? I understand I won't be let off the hook completely but I can't afford to pay that type of money.
  2. I am 8 Months pregnant with a past history of mental illness. Minor psychosis. Auditory hallucinations. I am no longer on medication. Haven't been on any medications for 2 years. I never attempted suicide or tried to harm anyone else. Ob told me I needed a psychological evaluation based off my past history. I do not want one. He said if I refuse, social services could be involved at the time of birth for the "well being of the child". The child's father has been to every prenatal appointment. We live together. I am wondering what are my rights and the fathers rights as far as not participating in an evaluation and not having to worry about our child being taken away? There has been no formal complaint, as far as I'm aware, to dcfs regarding my family. However, should anyone show up at the hospital or my home after birth trying to assess my child, myself, or my home, what can I do in order to be prepared to protect my family? Thank you.
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